Eid is the  day of the  muslims’  p erayaan. Welcoming Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha is done in various ways, such as strengthening the menu  of Eid specialties that are appetizing.

One of the community groups that routinely prepares specialties during Eid is the Bugis tribe. This group of people is widespread and  inhabits many areas in South Sulawesi.

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 Bugis  specialties served during Eid are very rarely found outside   of Eid al-Fitr  or Eid al-Adha. Although the food ingredients used in other regions are the same, the processing method is different so that it produces a distinctive taste.

Some  typical Bugis Eid  foods that are often found during Eid

1. Nasu Palekko Duck

Tempat Yang Cocok Untuk Anda Yang Senang Mencari Uang

This food is found in Pinrang, Sidrap, and Pare-pare. The main raw materials are not only ducks, but young ducks and hot peppers. Young ducks are chosen because older ducks have tougher and tougher meat.

2. Burasa

Slot Ini Sudah Sangat Banyak Dikenal Masyarakat

This food is also known as lapat, lontong or buras. Its savory taste makes it often used as a couple for soup.

3. Gogoso’

Industri Apa Yang Mengalami Banyak Sekali Lonjakan Dalam Beberapa Tahun?

This one food can be said to be similar to lemper because of its similar shape and ingredients. There are Gogoso’ who have no content and some who have. The fillings used are also different, such as fish meat, chicken meat and so on.

4. Gluemang

Lemmang is coconut milk glutinous rice that is burned in bamboo, so it is round elongated and served in the form of a small tube. This food is alwaysserved in every resident’s house which tastes accompanied by opor, coto, or various processed meats.

5. Tape

The tape made by the Bugis is usually tape from black glutinous rice and  white glutinous rice.  Thedistinctive taste of tape varies from region to region, including this Bugis tape.

6. Tumbu’

The basic ingredient of tumbu’ or often called langkak is black/ white glutinous rice. Glutinous rice is soaked for 3 to 4 hours then steamed until half cooked.  Tumbu’ is printed first in a round-shaped container such as a pipe or bamboo ng brick  that has been cleaned, then wrapped in banana leaves, tied to a rope and then boiled.

7. Barongko

Barongko has a soft, juicy and sweet texture. The basic ingredients of the mashed banana are then mixed with eggs and coconut milk.  Adonanis wrapped in a  triangular tubular banana leaf  and then steamed.  It will be more delicious if it is stored in the refrigerator before serving.

8. Bajabu

Bajabu is one of the typical foods of Eid Bugis which is better known as grated k elapa fish.  This food is usually used as a side dish and paired with burasa and gogoso’.

9. Konro

Beef is a food menu that should not be missed on Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha. The taste of the soup and the sensation of meat sticking to the bones make konro a must-try meat dish. This dark brown soup dish is usually eaten with ketupat.

10. Barobbo

In addition to the soupy konro, there is also Barobbo. This khas Bugis  porridge is made from pulu corn or sweet corn mixed with fish. In addition to fish, it can also be mixed with various kinds of vegetables, such as yellow pumpkin, long beans, and spinach.

Those are some types of  Eid specialties from the Bugis people that you can not only find in the Sulawesi area but also in several other areas because of their widespread distribution  . Interested in trying?