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Home Budget Computer Program Solutions

Our Home Budget software is designed to help home buyers stay on track with a Line of Credit Home Loan and reach their financial goals sooner. The program calculates and displays a chart showing how the loan will reduce over a five-year period by sticking to their budget. The CDs are customised with their mortgage broker's logo and contact details on the front cover of the CD and within the Home Budget program.

For Mortgage Brokers and Finance Professionals, we can co-brand this program with your company logo and contact details. This repeated exposure means you'll get further referrals down the track and your clients will remember your company's service when they purchase their next home or investment property. Our Home Budget software is rapidly being accepted as the best value for money 'after settlement gift' for mortgage brokers to give to their Line of Credit Home Loan Clients.

Finance Solutions's finance solutions include Comparison Charts and Advisor Notes to demonstrate the benefits of changing to a Line of Credit Home Loan. Contact us for application forms and pricing details. Once settlement takes place we prepare a 20 page Budget Plan (includes 12 months forward planning) based on the actual settlement figures, or you can choose the Home Budget CD option.

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